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Welcome, Chase

This page is your very own Website Design & Development portal, where you have access to your client workbook, file sharing folders, account information and shared resource links.

Client Name : Chase Callan
Business Name : lightworkstudio.ca
Email: Chasecallan@gmail.com
Account : Deposit (Invoice)


Below are three workbooks for you to complete.
These workbooks are the foundation to having the best project workflow possible.
The more detailed you can give for answers the better we will be able to understand your vision.

Some questions may be easier while others may challenge you. If you already have a business plan, you may want to have your business plan nearby as you complete the workbooks. If you prefer print & paper, you can print off the forms to work through your answers on paper first and then type in your answers afterwards. The print option is at the top right of the screen, look for the 3 dots and you should see the print option. 

So grab a coffee, find a quiet space to work, get comfortable and let’s dig into developing your brand!

Workbooks : Due before your onboarding call
In order for us to keep your project on schedule, you’ll need to complete the workbooks before our recorded onboarding strategy call.
Our strategy call will be scheduled 2-3 business days after the workbook is completed.

File  Sharing

We will use this shared Google Drive folder for storing all of these documents, plus all of your branding materials and website images. Put all photos of yourself or the work you do or anything relating to your business into this folder.

Book your Onboarding Call!

Let’s get your initial onboarding strategy call booked.
This will be recorded and sent to the design team so that they can get started on your site.  We will go through the answers to your workbook as well as some additional branding questions and set up a rough schedule to get your site built.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via FB Messenger or send me an email.